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Happy employees make happy customers!

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Many times at work we forget to enjoy our time,

Although work has to be productive it is important to keep our work places postitve. It is easy to fall into a rut and when we do that we cause those around us to loose focus and not care. As managers it is our job to keep spirits high, yes we have to keep our employees on task but remember to praise the good work habits. #pinupmarketing #happy


does email marketing really work?

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So many wonder about email marketing but consider it a thing of the past.

Email marketing proves its worth time and time again. Analytics after analytics. Yes we all have opted out of an email but how many do we recieve that we don't opt out of because we aren't ready to let them go. We like to save money and don't want to miss an opportunity. If you are considering email marketing let us show you the results. #pinupmarketing #email


Why do blogs work?

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why should i waste my energy on a blog?

SEO SEO SEO, Most people don't go looking for a blog they end up there because they search a certain key word and ended up on the blog. You are asking why is this important. This a free way for you to get a potential customer on your site with little cost. #pinupmarketing #blogs


valentine's day

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what are you going to do for that special person in your life?

See all the keywords in this blog? Fun right now I may get someone randomly searching Valentine's day to land on my site. What if this was your site and they all of a sudden thought hmmm. A car might make my loved one very happy! #SEO #pinupmarketing


winter weather in kansas city

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we are all looking for things to do while the storm passes

Some fun things to do during a snow storm. Keep off the roads if at all possible and find your favorite Pinterest craft and create it, read a book, find some of your old DVD's and have an old movie day, watch a whole series on #Netflix and remember to enjoy it the winter weather will be gone soon! #pinupmarketing #winter #funday


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