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March is right around the corner

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one more month until auto show

In the car industry we love the auto show it peaks our customers interest and pushes them down the buying funnel even quicker. #pinupmarketing #autoshow


how to answer the internet lead.

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remember these are people just like your mom/dad or grandma/grandpa

Sometimses when we answer the phone/email we are busy or just frustrated by someone asking questions we feel are common knowledge. Now think would anyone in my family know that answer if I hadn't told them. Your customers are intellegent in their field, It's your job to be intellligent in yours! #pinupmarketing #jobsecurity


how to videos..

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what a great service for youcustomers and your seo!

Yes there are other how to videos of how to insert wiper blades, however that is building business for whoever posted it! It's your turn take the time to introduce potential customers to your knowledable staff by doing your own how to videos. #pinupmarketing #howto


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