As a car dealership owner, you know that marketing is essential to your success. But how do you know if your marketing team is doing a good job? By asking these questions, you can get a clear understanding of your marketing team’s strategy and how they are working to achieve your goals. You can also identify any areas where they need your support or where you may need to make changes.

What kind of data or reporting do I have access to? What is my ROI?

If you can’t see your marketing dollars working, that is a massive red flag. Regular intervals of performance reporting should be standard, so you know exactly what production you are getting out of each marketing strategy, from email performance to SEM/CPC, to SEO/rankings, and more. If you are begging to see results, we’re here to tell you that your experience can and should be so much better!

Pin-Up Marketing maintains real-time reporting dashboards, accessible to you at any point throughout the month. Our dashboards cover website traffic, SEM results summaries, E-mail ROI statistics, social media performance highlights, and more!

When was the last time our website was reviewed top to bottom for broken links, typos, issues, etc?

For many dealers, checking every element of your website on a regular basis is a mundane, laborious task that often falls to the bottom of the priority list and many times off the to-do list entirely. After all, why would anything break if we aren’t making significant changes?

Here comes the truth bomb…if you aren’t checking your website monthly, or at the very least quarterly, you likely have at least 3-5 errors live on your site RIGHT NOW, if not more! Non-visible and often non-communicated updates occur to websites all the time, breaking scripts, widgets, graphics, and overall user-experience in very visible ways. If you are not routinely checking how things are looking to your visitors, these issues will start to pile up and result in a frustrating experience for your shoppers.

Pin-Up Marketing reviews your dealer website every month, reviewing even the most buried pages for hidden (or obvious) issues. You shouldn’t expect anything less! Especially when in this digital age, the difference between converting a shopper and losing them to a competitor lies first and foremost in their web browsing experience.

What SEO modifications have been made to our website in the last 3 months?

For an overburdened marketing manager, search engine optimization is one of those tasks that can easily be diluted down to adding a keyword here, adding another keyword there, and calling it a day. With no strategy and no access to critical keyword research that will impact your browser rankings, even those simple tasks will be nothing more than a waste of time.

SEO requires continuous attention and strategy to reap the rewards. If attention is not given, simply put, results will not be achieved. Pin-Up Marketing’s SEO support provides PROVEN SEO results, which are achieved by our experienced and dedicated SEO experts. We utilize the best software to analyze keywords that make a direct impact to your visitor traffic and adjust accordingly, every single month. Watch your rankings – and traffic – improve in a matter of a few months!

Is my average CPC equal to or less than industry average for paid search ads?

As one of the fastest-growing ad formats in the eCommerce and retail industries, the question is not IF you have a Paid Search Ad program, but it’s a matter of HOW EFFECTIVE your program is? An effective paid search program, when managed well, can be a cost-effective method to drive traffic and leads to your business.

Let us ask this simple question, what is your average cost per click on your paid search ads? We are guessing it’s somewhere around the Industry average of $2.46/click. What if we told you Pin-Up Marketing boasts an avg cost per click of an impressive $1.07/click for our clients? Well, it’s true! Our team monitors your campaigns and keywords closely, getting more quality clicks for the same budget while driving more traffic. Simply put, your marketing dollars will go much further and work harder.

What social channels are we utilizing, are we using them effectively, and are we missing any critical channels?

With people across the country spending more than two hours every day browsing social media, it’s obvious that your dealership needs to be making the most of the channels available to you. If you are posting an occasional car here and there and hoping for the best, we’re sorry to say, you’re doing it wrong. If that comes across as harsh, we apologize, but we just want to understand the unrealised potential that it holds for your business.

The only thing constant in the social media world is change: change to algorithms, change to what platforms people are using most, change to what content gets the most views/clicks/likes…it’s a constant game that some love to play, while others just simply don’t. With a new generation of car buyers coming up in the world, your dealership needs to be in front of their eyes, because that’s where they are spending most of their time. If you are resting on the old standby approaches, your competition is going to zoom right past you to the forefront of the minds of a new generation of potential buyers.

Your dealership needs a partner who can help guide you into the here and now. A partner who can build not only a digital persona for your dealership, but a bigger and broader audience. At Pin-Up Marketing, we strive to create an emotional connection with your dealership’s audience, so they feel they know you before they have ever set foot into your door.  Through thoughtful, funny, educational, personal, and yes, strategic content development we can help boost your dealership’s digital persona, and as a result, expand your market.

How often are we updating the send lists for our email marketing program?

Your email marketing is only as good as the recipients to whom you are sending. A surefire way to ensure poor email marketing performance and poor ROI is to send emails to an outdated list! One of the most important parts of your email marketing program is ensuring you are targeting your message to the right audience. Maybe it’s folks who were in your dealership yesterday, hitting them with the messaging that will help convert them while they are in that buying state of mind. Maybe you need to target service customers who haven’t been in the dealership in 6 months or more with a custom offer. 

To establish an effective program, you need a partner who knows how to get the data you need from your CRM effectively and efficiently (building beautiful and effective emails is just icing on the cake).

Pin-Up Marketing has experience working in a variety of CRM tools, and building custom queries within each of them to filter down to the exact audience we need to make the most of every email. Switch to Pin-Up Marketing and watch your email marketing ROI soar!

Are we pre-checking all creative with compliance to ensure there are no issues?

You might be thinking that compliance will never catch your occasional little mistakes. But we are here to tell you, you are wrong! While it may seem like a needle in a haystack that they do identify an issue that ultimately costs you, it can and WILL happen.

Making the (very smart) decision to generate custom graphics for your dealership to set it apart from the rest also means you are at risk for not adhering to brand compliance standards. Your marketing team – whether agency or in-house – should be sending every creative for a pre-check to get proper approvals that they meet all required standards. Anything less is not only just lazy, but a guaranteed way to get yourself caught by the compliance police!

Pin-Up Marketing has experience with all major automotive brands and has a deep understanding of the compliance requirements for each. Furthermore, all our creative assets are sent for approval with the OEM to ensure there never is an “uh-oh” moment for your dealership!

A well-aligned and informed marketing team is essential for any automotive dealership looking to increase brand visibility, engage customers, and ultimately, achieve greater business success. Pin-Up Marketing is the perfect partner to help your dealership reach its full potential. With our team of experienced professionals, we’ll develop and execute a marketing strategy that’s tailored to your specific needs and goals. As we have for all our clients, we’ll ensure that your dealership is seen and heard by the right people and that your customers have a positive and memorable experience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your dealership to the next level!